Aerotage offers you offload aerospace engineering solutions

Aerotage offers quality offload aerospace engineering solutions, developing and implementing long term successful partnerships providing engineering services that help our customers maintain and develop their business.

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A team of highly skilled engineers

Broad aerospace industry and engineering knowledge allow us to deliver modern aircraft engineering design respecting deadlines. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and we provide engineering solutions to our clients worldwide. Aerotage professional aerospace engineering solutions team responds right away and works with you to quickly solve your needs for efficient engineering solutions.

offload aerospace engineering solutions

Offload aerospace engineering solutions provided by Aerotage team includes

Project Requirements

Aerotage team offers unique customer solutions in-house. We generate efficient aerospace business solutions, constantly meeting project requirements in terms of material, time, costs and offset needs.

Avionics Electrical Design

Aerotage avionics electrical design team located at our USA facilities has broad skill set in design and certification of all aircraft types and aircraft system/subsystem installations.

Aircraft Structural Mechanical Design

Aerotage team provides a strong structural engineering skill set comprising highly qualified engineers and mechanics whose combined proficiency and technique brings great projects to life.


Aerotage team can easily fast-track your certification process. We analyze and certify aircraft modifications and have a proven track record for aircraft certification and various government and FAA approvals.

Certification Plan Matrix

Aerotage team offers complete certification plan matrix where we analyze and certify aircraft product compliance with governing requirements: aircraft structure, engines, aircraft systems/subsystems and flight performance.

Aircraft Weight and Balance Analysis

Aerotage team can help you perform aircraft weight and balance analysis. The information given in the aircraft weight and aircraft balance report is unique to a particular aircraft.

Aircraft Electrical Load Analysis

Aerotage offers services of qualified and licensed aircraft maintenance engineer to perform electrical load analysis (ELA) to ensure that the aircraft electrical system operates properly.

Aircraft Structural Analysis

Aerotage aircraft structural analysis covers aircraft structures assessment of resistance, energy systems, airworthiness/airframe loads and stress study of aircraft parts and components.

Flight Manual Supplement

Flight manual supplement is a brochure that covers changes to information and instructions in the basic aircraft flight manual. Aerotage can make these necessary flight manual changes for you in professional, fast and cost-effective manner.

Continued Airworthiness Report

Aerotage provides you continued airworthiness report of all the aircraft processes ensuring that an airplane complies with the technical requirements and is safe for use and in operative state.

Ground Test Plan/Procedures

Aerotage team uses ground test plan/procedures to uncover potential design errors and avoid flight test surprises. Some of the ground test procedures are: structure-control interaction and testing engine reusability on ground recovery.

EMI/RFI Test Plan / Procedures

Aerotage team offers services for conducting ground and flight Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Request for Information (RFI) test plan/procedures in accordance with FAA requirements.

Flight Test Plan / Procedure

Aerotage performs flight test plan/procedure and collects information during flight. We analyze the information to properly assess the aircraft flight characteristics and validate design.

Functional Hazard Analysis

Aerotage functional hazard analysis focuses on complex and highly integrated aircraft systems and subsystems. Functional hazard analysis is to categorize the system functions.

Program Management

Aerotage program management is a result of global, full-service consulting and engineering. We deliver creative program management skills, proficient talent, and set new standards in quality, worth and cost-efficiency.

Manufacturing Liason Support

AAerotage manufacturing liaison support is in developing aerospace high-technology systems. Aerotage professionals evaluate and resolve engineering production problems related to manufacturing and paperwork.

On-Site Support

Aerotage functional hazard analysis focuses on complex and highly integrated aircraft systems and subsystems. Functional hazard analysis is to categorize the system functions.

Engineering Retainers

Aerotage engineering retainers deliver on-demand, high-value services to clients often at short period of time. Engineering retainers are ideal for client who needs engineering and maintenance services, but doesn’t need someone full-time.

Eurocontrol Requirements

Aerotage can help you with The European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) airworthiness requirements using professional, technical and customized solutions for each aircraft.

Drafting Services

Aerotage aircraft drafting services are extremely accurate and timely engineering drafts done in high quality AutoCAD. Aerotage engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry.

ATA Maintenance Documents

Aerotage expert team can help you with ATA Maintenance Documents which are a global aviation industry requirement. Aerotage can minimize cost and staff effort, improving manufacturers' delivery of data that meets airline needs.

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